Welcome to The Actors Group!

The Actors Group was designed and is operated by people who are creatively driven; who have a love of acting, directing, writing, producing, and who believe in proactively approaching careers in TV, Film and Multi-Media. It is a place to

  • Improve skills
  • Draw inspiration
  • Apply talents, and
  • Join with others of similar aspirations in a tasteful, comfortable, professional environment.

The Actors Group is where Actors can network with TV and Film Professionals as well as fellow Actors. The friendly, comfortable atmosphere is conducive to making personal connections for which there is never an opportunity otherwise. So, if you are an Actor or an Industry Professional looking for talented creative types for TV and Film, The Actors Group is a place to make valuable connections, educate your perspective and improve your skills.

The Actors Group offers a Calendar of Workshop Events focused on cold reading and preparations for auditioning. Multiple workshops per week are directed by Industry Professionals, primarily Casting Directors and Casting Associates who are currently casting for TV and Film plus multimedia. These workshops provide

  • a constructive forum for “inside” advice on effective practices and etiquette regarding auditions
  • helpful analysis of pictures and resumes
  • cold reading opportunities with invaluable critique by the very professionals who call Actors in and call them back in actual audition settings.

Casting professionals find Actors for productions – they are not who does the hiring – but they are who opens the door for the opportunity. Learning what is important from them is immeasurably valuable.





THE ACTORS GROUP conducts entirely optional workshops with solely educational intent. Our workshops are not job interviews or auditions the presence of  a Casting Director, Associate, Assistance or any other industry professional is neither a promise or guarantee of employment. Contact with an industry professional solely through a workshop in and of itself does not result in a contract with the guest or the production company they represent. Workshops and Showcases are not auditions for employment or for obtaining a talent agent or talent manager. Labor code: 1703.1(b).


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